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Norton Rehab Group

Is your rehab department ready for PDPM? Norton Rehab Group employs temporary and permanent PTs/PTAs, OTs/COTAs, SLPs, RTs and Rehabilitation Managers. We will provide your facility with highly qualified professionals possessing the specific expertise that your facility needs to fulfill any service that may be required, at anytime. Reflecting the most current trends within our every changing industry, Norton Rehab Group has a firm and proven track record managing quality outcomes, optimizing reimbursement, and providing quality care.

In preparation for the new Payment-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) scheduled to take effect 10/01/19, Norton Rehab Group is currently sitting down with clients of both in-house and outsourced therapy departments to review our menu of services that we have to offer.
Norton Rehab Group differs from all of the other companies out there because while the other companies insist that the entire department be contracted out, we offer a versatile customizable menu of options. Norton Rehab Group will work with your facility to put together services that will create a successful program that conforms to your facility’s strategic objectives and expectations.

Our menu of services is as follows:

Rehab Consulting Services:

Whether you have an in-house department or an outsourced team of therapists, we can provide your facility, and under no obligation, an unbiased analysis so that you can prepare to operate under PDPM in the most cost-effective manner.

  • For the in-house facilities, we can come in to analyze and recommend whether you should continue to remain in-house, whether outsourcing is the better choice, or whether a blended model of services would best suit your needs.
  • For outsourced groups, we can help you determine whether your current vendor can effectively navigate the significant tidal wave of changes soon approaching. Rehab companies will need to be willing to modify their clinical pathways while minimizing cost and maximizing therapy outcomes.

Total Rehab Services –

Whether your department is outsourced or in-house, we would welcome the opportunity to sit down with you to review the model that best serves your needs. With PDPM some initial projections indicate that therapy volume could decrease by as much as 40% from the current practice model.

  • For In-house Departments: With the inception of PDPM, a drastic reduction in therapy volume is anticipated. Your rehab department may no longer support the current staffing plan and an analysis would be warranted so as to attrition the staff appropriately.
  • For Outsourced Rehab Departments: PDPM will be a complete paradigm shift. Norton Rehab Group vows to partner with you to strategically maximize outcomes and minimize cost.

Partial Rehab Services:

The facility employs part of the rehab staff (i.e. therapy assistants- PTAs and COTAs) and contracts out the remaining therapists (i.e. Registered Therapists- PT, OT, and SLP) to Norton Rehab Group.

Temporary Rehab Services:

The facility employs the Rehab Director and all of the therapists but utilizes Norton Rehab Group for temporary staffing needs.

Rehab Recruitment Services:

In collaboration with our Norton Healthcare Staffing & Recruitment division, we have the ability to assist you with the recruitment of competent, qualified ,skilled therapists if you have any difficult to fill openings.

Under the current PPS reimbursement model, the rehab companies have historically driven the bus on reimbursement. With the inception of PDPM, facilities will now be in control. You and your facility will “be in command”, as you should be, not your rehab company.

NOW IS THE TIME TO ASSESS AND PREPARE FOR THIS MONUMENTAL CHANGE. Norton Rehab Group is the only company that offers this unique menu of services. Don’t delay, please call me to schedule your unbiased, impartial assessment of the state of your rehab department. We are looking forward to the opportunity to partner with you during these industry changes.

Nancy Travers, OTR/L
Vice President


34 Elm St
Cohasset, MA 02025
Phone: 781-383-3812
Fax: 781-383-3830

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